Warli Workshop at INTACH (11 Jan 2017) and Artist-in-residence project Back

A workshop on Warli Painting was conducted for two days i.e.  11th& 12th Jan 2017,at INTACH premises by ICH Division, in which other divisions of INTACH also participated. Through the workshop Warli making tradition was highlighted and lesser known details were explained like the significance of the “Lagna chauk” and triangular shape in Warli painting. The artists working on the large mural at INTACH took this workshop and their making of the mural was also captured as an artist in residence project.

Janu Bhiva ravate and his fellow artists Sanjay Janu Ravate and Kamlesh Dhulsada were invited from Dahanu, Maharashtra to paint a mural at the INTACH headquarters. ICH division conducted a warli painting workshop on 11th and 12th January 2017 in the INTACH premises for its employees during the stay of the artists for the artist in residence programme.

Employees from the different division of INTACH took part in the workshop and learnt the finer nuances of warli art from the artists themselves. The usage of the triangle shape and the important designs like the lagna chowk were explained to the participants during the workshop.










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