Rajput Wedding Traditions

With the aim to preserve the customs and rituals of Rajput Wedding tradition, the Jaipur Chapter of INTACH undertook a research based documentation project to document the myriad rituals and customs performed during the Rajput marriage ceremony in audio- visual form.
In today’s context, there is scaling down in the rituals and customs of the marriage ceremony. The Rajput marriage tradition has its own distinct style, from traditional Safa (turban) and Poshak(dress) to the custom of folk songs and dances.
The Rajput wedding ritual is considered to be a very conventional and religious affair in the Indian social setting. Twenty two main rituals are performed. These are matching of horoscope, Roka, Tilak or Tikka, Pille Chawal/ Lagan Patrika, Bhaat Nyotna, Ganpati Sthapana/ Dhol Nagare ki puja, Janeu, Pithi/ Baan Dastoor, Tel, Jau Chaddi/ Chajjla/ Moosal, Bindori, Basan, Raati Jagga, Mandap Sthapana, Mairs, Baraat, Pandla, Samela, Sau Arti, Maya Kakash, Phera and the Saptapadi – auspicious seven steps, Khol Bhariya, Kunwar Kalewa, Bidai/ Plang Char and Suhag Thaal.

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