Listing of ICH of Lucknow

The Lucknow Chapter of INTACH undertook a project on Listing of Intangible Heritage of Lucknow. A detailed report for this has been received. The project captures myriad intangible aspects of Lucknow with mention of its historical background, variations in style, material and aesthetics, gender differences, rituals, dance, music, costume and cuisine among others. The documentation provides intricate details about the clothing during the time of the Nawabs such as Chogas, Angarkha, White Dastar, Pagri, Shaluka which were worn by men. Chunnis, Sidhapaijarnas, latbor ka lehanaga, brocade work, zardozi work, odhni worn by women are also documented.

The project follows the unique rituals of Lucknow, which includes Muharram, its history, beliefs and evolution, differences between the sects – Shia and Sunni. The procession of Juloos-e-Mehndi has been described in depth. Aspects like music have also been covered with mention of Gharanas; Qawwal Bachcha Gharana, Tabla Gharana, Sitar tradition, Qawwali Gharana of Lucknow. Folk music which includes tribal and folk music and musical instruments like ektar, dotar, rabab has also been covered. A large part of the work also includes commentary on the special cuisine of the region and a good number of recipes.


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