Cultural Mapping of the Kannauras of Himachal Pradesh

A project on the Cultural mapping of the Kannaura tribe was undertaken by the ICH division in collaboration with the Tribal Fund. Inhabiting the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, often referred to as the ‘land of gods’, Kannaura is one of the tribal communities of the state.

The Kannaura are proficient in handicraft making. There are a number of artisans in the region who are following their traditional means of livelihood. The garments worn by the people are locally woven, and the style of clothing has remained unchanged. Their beautiful weaving represents the various religious symbols of Lamaism.

Silver is used extensively by the community for making their ornaments. During marriage and other festivities one can find Kannaura women heavily decked up with approximately 3 kgs of silver jewellery. The statues of the deity are also often made up of silver, and this art of making statues of the deities is prevalent  in Kinnaur. Kannaura people are known to have maintained their identity till date. Although many of their religious practices are intact, changes have started taking place in the traditions and cultural practices of the community.

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