‘Gaya- Strings of Faith’, A documentary (55 minutes) – ICH Film Screening Back

ICH Division has done a project on audio video documentation of intangible cultural elements in Gaya. The objective of this documentation was to bring out the various lesser known, cultural aspects of Gaya to public knowledge. The video documentation was done by renowned documentary maker Shri. Bappa Ray, who has been into field of documentary making for past three decades.

The present audio -visual documentation:Gaya- Strings of Faith, is a 55 minute long documentary, which besides Gaya Pitrapaksha also tells us about Gaya and brings out the facts into public consciousness about Gaya as a sacred complex. Some of the aspects like Pitrapaksh/Shraadh rituals, Literature, Fairs and Festivals, Craftsmanship of Pattharkati. Local Cuisine, Traditional Wrestling and Gaya Gharana, which are the integral part of Gaya are lesser known or are on the verge of extinction has also been touched up. The purpose for this documentation is to create awareness among the society regarding the living cultural heritage and the intangible aspects which must be preserved.

Documentary  on Gaya made by Bappa Ray and the ICH division, INTACH was screened on 1st August 2016, in the multipurpose hall, INTACH head Office.


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