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The ICH division has planned a series of events in an effort to work proactively in the sphere of building bridges between people through living cultures and cultural programming, and promoting and spreading awareness of the varied yet syncretic cultures across the country.    

The event’s  focus this year  is on the heritage of the northeast of India, with the aim of creating awareness, and understanding, of this culturally rich region in the rest of the country. This enabling activity, to be conducted in Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru, will serve as an outreach programme for young people, to sensitise them and instil in them a sense of pride and appreciation for the diverse cultures of their country starting with the heritage of the northeast India.

The format of this series involves the hosting of the event at a university venue in each city to ensure maximum participation of young people. This event  features a written round of quiz questions, a stage lecture-demonstration/cultural programme by a NE student group active in each city,  and a stage final quiz where the 6 best teams (from the written round) will compete in a multimedia round. The winning team in each of these cities (total 6 winners) will be taken on a study tour to the northeast.

The first event of this series was held successfully in Pune at the Ness Wadia College of Commerce. The programme saw enthusiastic participation from over 50 teams from different educational institutions of Pune. The Final round teams  were from AFMC, IIT Bombay, Law College, Deccan College and others, with the team from AFMC taking the first position.

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