Documenting the ethno-cultural practices of Kodhu tribe of Andhra Pradesh

The division undertook the documentation of the ethno-cultural practices of the Kodhu tribe of Andhra Pradesh in the Vishakhapatnam area.

The material culture of a Tribe gives true distinctive picture of its lifestyle, the living culture in relation to the social organization religion and other ceremonial practices, as well as to other material sides of the tribal’s life. So, the various aspects of material culture of the tribe’s viz., household pattern, garments, ornaments, food style/habit, art and craft, dance and music etc. have projected the distinctive culture of the tribes of Padheru and Araku Valley in Costal Andhra Pradesh in Visakhapatnam district.

The Kodhus inhabit predominantly the hill tracts of Araku valley, Paderu, Munchingput areas of Visakhapatnam district. Kodhus in localities of Paderu and Araku Valley of Visakhapatnam are best known by the common people of as Primitive Tribal Group (PTG). They perform dimsa (a form of dance) accompanied by special drums called dappu (side drum) and thudumu (a big round drum which replicates base drum in a Tabla pair). Usually female members perform the dance while male members beat the drums in a particular traditionally organized rhythm.

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