Documentation of Magic Mantras, Assam

The ICH division made an informative documentary film on witchcraft, magic, and mantras for therapeutic purposes in Assam or ancient Kamrup. Some areas of Assam are famous for black magic and other occult practises. It is also a centre for the “Shakti Cult” which is an integral part of this culture. The film showed the various uses of the mantras for curing ailments and tackling issues like theft, ill fortune etc. It also explores the collection of manuscripts on these subjects which are sometimes respected as objects of veneration. The aim of the film was to record dying practises which are believed to be esoteric or unscientific. This film was made by Dr. Dinesh Bhaishya, the INTACH convenor for the Assam chapter. The ICH division also sent this film to an international film festival in Rome.

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