Documentation of Jogi singers, Haryana

A state wise documentation of the Jogi singers of Haryana was undertaken in order to capture the rich ballads, devotional songs and stories-poems of the Jogis, traditional singers who reflect many aspects of Haryana’s folklore and culture. Unfortunately, this multi-faceted community, performing the role of balladeers, poets, musicians and even healers, is losing its place in the society. Sh. Sudhir Sharma, convenor of the Rohtak chapter undertook this documentation.This traditional folk form is on the brink of extinction. The oldest living Jogi (Mangal Nath) aged 99, from village Salwan of district Karnal and many other Jogis have been interviewed in various villages of Rohtak, Bhiwani, Karnal, Jind, Sirsa, Yamuna Nagar, Kurukshetra, Hisar and Narnaul districts of Haryana. The project work includes interviews, recordings and documentation.

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