Documentation of ICH of Kasargod

The Kasargod Chapter of INTACH took up a project of listing ICH elements spread over the  two northern districts of Kerala state. A research and documentation team under the coordination of  Dr. V. Jayarajan, Convenor , Kasargod Chapter , consisting of an expert Mr P.V Harish and a coordination committee under the chairmanship of artist and  folklorist K.K Marar started the documentation with the help of a Survey team and a Technical teams. The team selected the art forms and ICH elements from Kannaur and Kasargod Districts. Through still and video documentation, the Kasargod chapter has listed the following ICH elements:

  1. Kooli Theyyam- a rare ritual performed in the Karimbalan houses after the death of their ancestors.
  2. Aati Kalinja- A visiting performance during the monsoon to ward off the evil spirits.
  3. Narasanna-Traditional fortune tellers of Kasragod districts
  4. Kalan Kolam- Traditional performance during the  last day of Aadi month
  5. Sreepothi- Sreepothi or Cheeyothi- a rare performance to ward off evil spirits
  6. Poliyanthram- A folk ritual associated with Diwali in Kasargod
  7. Nikil Kaanal- A social function to settle the disputes of a particular community.
  8. Kothamoori- A rare performance of Kannaur district
  9. Uchabali- A symbolic sacrifice of Malayan community
  10. Kelipatharam- Visiting performance  taking the form of  Lord Shiva by Yogi community
  11. Matahvilasam Koothu- a rare performance of Chakyar community in  the Shiva temples of KannurViruthi Koothu- a rare art form of Chakyar
  12. Seemantham- a ritual for pregnant ladies
  13. Yakshi and Gandharvan- A magic performance to ward off infertility

The aim of the project has been to document these traditional performances and rituals on the verge of extinction, in order to promote the ICH elements of Kasargod among newer generations of people.

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