Cultural Affairs INTACH: Ninth Pupul Jayakar memorial lecture, “Relevance of the study of ancient Indian heritage to contemporary society” by Prof. Vasant Shinde on 18th April, 2017 Back

Dear Friends,
It gives us great pleasure to invite you to the Ninth Pupul Jayakar Memorial Lecture –“Relevance of the study of Ancient Indian Heritage to Contemporary Society” by Professor Vasant Shinde on 18th April,2017 at India International Centre. The lecture will cover Ancient India’s contribution to basic sciences and technologies using archaeological evidence from Harappan and some later period sites and their continuity till the modern times. Harappans, who flourished in the Indian subcontinent from 5000-1500 BCE, were responsible for the introduction of Indian Knowledge system and most of the basic technologies and sciences.

Prof. Vasant Shinde, currently Vice Chancellor of Deccan College, Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Deemed University, Pune, is a world renowned archaeologist and one of the foremost scholars in South Asia. A pioneer in archeological research, Prof. Shinde has directed a vast number of excavations around the country, from the Harappan sites in Gujarat and Haryana to Chalcolithic sites in Madhya Pradesh and the Deccan to Protohistoric and Early historic sites in Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
Please find the invite below.

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