Birhor Cultural Mapping Project

By coming in the contact and influence of other cultures, the Birhor community is leaving their cultural traits. Keeping this in mind a project has been initiated by the Raipur Chapter to study, research, document and preserve the cultural lifestyles of Birhors.

The Birhors are one of the Primitive tribal groups in India spread over Orissa, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Ranchi and Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh seems to have the largest congregation of the Birhor People. As Birhor are declining in numbers and are the most primitive tribal group dependent on Nomadic gathering, hunting, particularly for Monkeys in the earlier time. Also they are known for rope making. The Birhors are the primary suppliers of ropes to the peasant communities, so both groups depend on one another and have an exchange relationship. It is believed that Birhors have been descended from the Sun and believe that the Khairwars, who also trace their descent from the Sun, are their brothers

The cultural mapping was done to conserve and safeguard the intangible heritage of the Birhors & also to draw attention of the academicians, researchers, administrators, community, social activists and mass media towards its significance. The study was restricted to Ethnographic and Anthropological descriptions – quantitative analysis & and mapping of their intangible cultural heritage.

The project has been completed under the supervision of Raipur Co – Convenor, Mr Rajendra Chandak and also the Research Team of Anthropology Dept. of Raipur University.


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