Audio-visual documentation and cultural mapping of the intangible aspects of Gaya

The project on the audio-visual documentation and cultural mapping of the intangible aspects of Gaya city with special emphasis on the sacred components of the city has been completed. Gaya – a city of Hindu pilgrimage has many sacred identities, spaces, rituals, customs and the deep routed culture which were studied and documented in detail.

The project was done with the following focussed objectives:-

  1. To understand the wider sacred geography of Gaya with its special significance to Pind Daana during Pitrapaksha or Sraadha Paksha.
  2.  To understand the psychology and belief system of varied social groups and communities, who have come to perform the Pind Daana.
  3. To understand Gaya as a sacred place of holding an important significance of Pind Daana ritual (an ICH element)
  4. To analyse the role of Gayawaals for providing assistance to the Pandits (who often come from other parts of Bihar)
  5. To understand the place of Gaya and its significance in relation to Pind Daana.
  6. To analyse to verify and test the important facts of the city/place and people.
  7. To study the dynamics of the city during the Pitrapaksh Mela.

Family performing Pind Daan_10Pind Daan at Phalgu River (17)Pitrapaksha mela sammelan (6)Family Performing Pind Daan(40)screebscreebscreeb

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