Ancient Lepcha Manuscripts

The Lepchas are known for their strong sense of commitment and pride towards their language and their rich indigenous culture, which they are struggling hard to preserve. The ICH Division entered into collaboration with the Indigenous Lepcha Tribal Association to get the Lepcha manuscripts translated into English. Three manuscripts were taken up for translation- Nyaodik Nyaosaong Mun, Zaor Boongthing and the Origin of Chyee, the Lepcha’s Fermented Beer; Chhyoten Munlaom- a Lepcha manuscript of prayers and prophecies; and Kumya Kumsyee Chhyo- a Lepcha manuscript on morals and ethics. These were then printed as bilingual books.

The translated texts add a new dimension to our knowledge of Lepcha society and culture and for all those interested in ethnographic study, these texts will serve as a valuable source. As a bi-lingual publication they will also help in bringing Lepcha youth closer to their heritage.

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